We adopted Butch Cassidy, who’s name is now Roscoe in April of 2015. When we first met him, he was a very shy dog. On the day he came to his new home, he spent most of his day exploring the house and the yard. He quickly became a very friendly younger brother to Harvey, our 10 year old Beagle/ Shepard rescue dog. Suddenly, Harvey was acting as if he was a puppy again also. Roscoe is now feeling right at home running around the back yard, playing with Harvey, or stretching out for a good nap on the couch or in bed. Roscoe graduated beginner puppy class recently and is a well behaved puppy. Every puppy can present some challenges, but he has had fewer of those challenges than we would have expected.
The main thing we can say is he is very happy with his home, and he has brought a lot of love and happiness to both of us and to his big brother Harvey. Our family is now a little bigger and happier with Roscoe in it. Thanks to JR’s for all that you do.