We adopted “Lacie” the beginning of May. I changed her name to “Lilly”. Because my fiancé an I are older, we cannot have kids of our own, thus, Lilly replaces this missing link. She is nothing but a barrel of fun. I immediately took her to puppy school and she did so good. But these small dog mixes are always so smart, given half a chance. She potty trained very easy, however, we have a doggy door, open into the garage, and another which opens from the back garage door into a fenced yard. The only time we had any trouble was when it rained, and little princess did not want to get her feet wet. So, I started standing in the rain with her. That is now old news. We have only had her 4 months but she trained well, and we can leave her in the house, uncaged when we go shopping or out and about for awhile. After losing my last dog to old age, (14) last August and then to top it all, I lost my 30 year old son in February, I needed a distraction. Lilly was it, and I would not give her up for anything. We love her way to much!