• Is fostering a good fit for my family?

    Here is a short list of the primary responsibilities of a JRs Pups-N-Stuff Inc. Foster:

    • Fosters and the supplies must be picked up at our facility in Burlington/Salem Lakes, Wisconsin.

    • All medication administered must be recorded in our software system

    • Our main objective is to get the pups into their furever home as fast as we can.  This involves updating their descriptions visible on our website, Facebook and other social media sites.

    • Work on basic training as most of the animals rescued have never been in a home, felt a loving touch,  and are often flight risks. This involves crate training and house training.

    • Provide transportation to the office or vet when medical tasks are needed.

    • Commitment to keep your foster until adopted.  It is very important that we minimize the amount of disruption in our pup’s lives.  When you agree to foster with us you agree that you are willing and able to keep this dog in your home “for the duration”.  Depending on the dog, this may be 2 weeks or it may be 2 months or longer.

    • Conduct meets with adopters.  In-person meeting for all members of the adopting family are required at the foster’s home.  You need to be comfortable with potential adopters coming to your home and visiting with the dog while you are observing (meets can be done outdoors).

    • Vigilant monitoring of your foster for health and wellness. Transitioning to a new place is hard on dogs, and the distress is often physical symptoms in the form of diarrhea, worms, lack of appetite etc. Your quick identification of health issues can make a difference in their survival.

    • Fosters cannot adopt their own first 3 fosters

    If it feels like this  might be more responsibility and a longer commitment than you were anticipating, no worries!!  We have other critical volunteer opportunities at this time.

  • Complete an application

    Fostering starts with an application!

    After you submit your application

    • Reach out to your vet if you have/have had animals and give them permission to talk with our volunteers. Doing so ensures that we won’t be delayed doing your vet check.

    • Reach out to your landlord, if applicable, to talk through your desire to fostering.  That way they won’t be surprised when we contact them.

  • What will happen with my application?

    Within two business days after you submit your application, our volunteers get to work to complete the following:

    • Input your information into our system

    • Complete a background check on all household members age 18 and older

    • If you rent, they contact your landlord to make sure that you are allowed a pet, and if there are any restrictions in place by your landlord

    • If you already have pets, or had pets in the past 10 years, we’ll call the vet you provided to ensure that they were/are up-to-date

    They should be:

    • Spayed/neutered

    • Current on the DAPPV vaccine

    • Current on rabies

    • Current on heartworm testing & monthly preventative

    • Current on yearly wellness exam

    *Annual titer testing is acceptable in lieu of annual vaccines

    They should be:

    • Spayed/neutered

    • Current on the Feline RCP vaccine

    • Current on rabies

    • Had a FeLiv test in the last two years

    • Current on yearly wellness exam

    *These requirements are for ALL cats including barn and indoor only.   Annual titer testing is acceptable in lieu of annual vaccines.

    If there are any issues with any of the checks someone will be in contact with you

    Once these checks are completed and passed you will be invited to our foster orientation session

  • Almost there....waiting for a training session

    Now that your foster application has been processed, you and all family members residing in the house over the age of 16 must attend a virtual foster orientation. This is a 2.5 hour training that goes over a bit about our history and community involvement. Where we save dogs from, our policies, as well as other important information you’ll need as a foster to be successful.

    Once you’ve completed this training and have decided as a family that you’d like to continue with moving forward to foster, the final part is to have a quick 30 minute home visit where a seasoned foster will give the house a once over to ensure that there are no dangerous things around for the foster to get into, as well as offer some tips about things such as placement of the foster’s crate, if they see anything that you may want to move (cords on the floor or that priceless vase that’s a family heirloom passed down for generations that may be in danger of a happy dog tail knocking it over for example) as well as answer any lingering questions that may have arose after going through training.

  • You′re approved to foster!

    Congratulations! We’re so excited to have you on board as a foster for us! Now that you’re approved, you’ll get an email giving you access to things like your official JRs Pups-N-Stuff Inc. email, access to our pet management system, a foster contract that needs to be signed, as well as information on how to schedule a time to go pick up your first foster!