Volunteer Opportunities

Did you see a friendly face on our adoptable pet list that you fell in love with, but can’t adopt?

Dream of fostering but have a selective dog at home?

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to lend a hand. We’d love to have you join one or more of our volunteer teams.

After you’ve read through the descriptions for the teams, start your volunteer application

Who we are: A group of individuals who work from home to ensure that applicants are “up to snuff”.

What we do: The team conducts background checks on all applicants aged 18 or older, using publicly accessible websites. For applicants who rent, we reach out via phone or email to the landlord to confirm pet permissions and any associated restrictions. Additionally, for applicants with a history of pet ownership within the last 10 years, our team contacts their veterinarian to ensure that their pets received regular vaccinations and wellness exams, covering all pets—both current and past—in that timeframe, regardless of their living status.

Skills needed: Team members must be detail-oriented and tech-savvy, with access to a web-connected tablet, computer, or laptop essential for the role. They should also be comfortable communicating with landlords and veterinary clinics.

Time Commitment involved: Each volunteer is requested to commit to at least three weekdays (Monday through Friday) for approximately 2-3 hours per day during standard business hours. This schedule aligns with the operating hours of veterinary clinics and property management companies, ensuring we can effectively communicate with them during these times.

Who we are:  We’re a group of people that enjoy the great outdoors!

What we do:  We help the kennel staff with light cleaning duties and take the animals still waiting for a foster to be available out for walks and some light training.  If we enjoying jogging or running, there’s always dogs who appreciate the extra exercise.  Always an opportunity to take some pictures and advertise the dogs on one of our social media platforms.

Skills needed:  Ability to confidently handle a dog.  Children must be at least 8 to participate in dog walking and each child must have a legal guardian with them (one on one) every time they come to help.   Children aged 14-17 need for a parent or legal guardian to be present at  orientation & to sign a hold harmless waiver.  The level of parental involvement following orientation it is subject to evaluation by JRs Pups-N-Stuff Inc. staff after orientation.

Time Commitment involved: Orientation must be attended, once that is completed it is up to you how often you come and walk the dogs.

Who we are:  We’re the party animals!  Small committees who work together to put together small and large events that benefit the rescue.

What we do:  We are responsible for Petco/Adoption Events, Bar/ PR events, Restaurant Fundraisers, Education Talks/Presentations, Special Functions such as weddings or bringing puppies to businesses and Madison Based Events.

Skills needed:  Attention to detail, reliable transportation

Time Commitment involved:  Monthly meeting for each of the committees.  Need be available for setup, the event and clean-up after the events.  Don’t have time to dedicate to monthly meetings, but still want to support the events team? Just let us know you want to help with events day of on events, and we’ll reach out as we need dog handlers, raffle ticket sellers, etc

Who we are:  We’re the last step!  The final piece of information needed to go from a potential adopter to an approved potential adopter.

What we do:  Team members are responsible for performing a home visit check. During that visit, we verify information on the application, check the safety of the home/yard, discuss and educate potential adopters on JR’s policies, challenges of dog ownership, costs, importance of training and answer any questions.  After the home visit a report is completed so that our fosters can learn about adopters, their homes & lifestyles

Skills needed:  Team members need to be detail oriented, technology savvy. Access to a web connected tablet, computer or laptop is required. Team members need to be comfortable talking to prospective adopters either virtually or traveling to homes (as needed).

Time Commitment involved:  Attend a two-hour training session. Each home visit check can last 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on travel time. Virtual visits (using FaceTime, ZOOM, Skype, etc.) are used for visits outside our area and during COVID. The number of home visit checks you complete each week is up to you.

Who we are: We are the volunteer team that welcomes and processes the new arriving animals into rescue.

What we do:  We are responsible for intaking the new arriving animals directly off of transport, which includes escorting the animals throughout a variety of stations to get them ready to head to their foster homes. Stations during intake typically include administering any necessary medications and vaccinations, bathing, micro-chipping, photographing, dog pen/crate cleaning, feeding, and foster contacting.

Skills needed: Ability to confidently handle dogs of all sizes and temperaments, listen and follow directions, work alongside other volunteers, lift at least 20 pounds, and not mind getting dirty! Certain stations during intake do involve specialty skills such as blood draws, needle pokes, and photography. Children must be at least 12 years of age to volunteer at intakes and anyone under the age of 18 must have a hold harmless waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian prior.

Time Commitment involved: Intakes occur on various dates throughout the year but typically happen 1 – 2 times a month. A sign-up for working intake typically is e-mailed out to the volunteer team so how often you work an intake is up to you. Day of intake work typically ranges from 4 – 8 hours.

Who we are:  The application input team is a small group people that “work from home”

What we do:  The team is responsible for taking all applications that are received during the day and transferring the data from the application into our rescue software.  Phone/email contact with the applicants to clarify missing/incomplete information in the application.

Skills needed:  Detail oriented, technology savvy.  Access to a web connected computer or laptop is required.

Time Commitment involved:  Each volunteer is asked to be available for 1-2 hours per day/evening, minimally 5 days per week, including weekends.  Our goal is to ensure that all applications received by 8:00pm are input into the system by 9:00 pm that same evening

Who we are:  The transport team is a group of people that love a road trip!

What we do:  The team is responsible for taking transporting animals long and short distances.

Skills needed:  Valid Driver’s license, Insured vehicle, Comfortable handling all sizes and ages of dogs.

Time Commitment involved:  Individual runs to our vet for appointments, approximately 2 hours, including travel time.  Trips to meet our partner rescue for transport, depart on Thursday evening, return on Saturday morning.  Weekly spay/neuter appointments to Madison, leave West Allis at approximately 6:00 am, depart from Madison for the return trip at approximately 4:00 pm.