Bert has settled in very nicely with us and his manners have improved tremendously. No more play biting, no jumping. He still likes to destroy toys, but those squeakers are annoying, so who can blame him? He truly loves every person and dog he meets and is so amazing with kids, much to our surprise.

The Saturday after we adopted him we started training classes at the Animal Motel. I can’t say enough how much I recommend this training class. He graduated last week but we have enrolled him in another 12 week class. As the trainers have told us, Bert knows every trick in the book. He is the only dog that our trainer can remember who walks on the cone, over the cone or picks up the cone during training exercises. He keeps all of us in the class laughing, for sure.

Thank you again for the tremendous work you do, the sacrifices you make and your tireless support to give so many a second chance. Speaking from experience, our lives are just not complete without four-legged kids.