We adopted Callie April 17 of 2015. Her foster mother Maureen was kind enough to bring her to us for our meet and greet since we have another rescue who is a special needs dog. Maureen is terrific, and I send pictures of Poppy to her from time to time.. Robin, who came for our home visit was also terrific. I still remember when she came, she took one look at the girls toy box and said “Well, too bad they don’t have any toys to play with !!!” When we got Callie , she was estimated to be about 14 weeks old. We renamed her Poppy, since I am a garden designer, and all of our dogs have had flower names. She was 24 lbs. at the time. She is now about 10 months old and weighs in at about 65 lbs. She fit in immediately with our other 2 girls, Daisy a 7 year old Weimaraner. And Iris, who is a 4 year old mixed breed rescue. We had lost our 3rd dog Rose in March, and made it about 1 month without a 3rd dog. We originally found a dog on Petfinder named Brigitta that we absolutely fell in love with online. Huge mistake. We hadn’t even filled out an application, or been approved, so by the time that all happened she had been adopted. What was originally a frustration turned out to be all the reasons we would definitely adopt from JR’s again. I like to think that Poppy (Callie) was just waiting for us. I loved hearing that her litter was brought up to Wisconsin WITH their mom, and that she had already been adopted. So often you hear about just the puppies getting rescued. I also love that all the dogs go into foster homes with trained volunteers instead of a shelter environment. We got our last rescue right off the transport, and she was definitely just shut down and traumatized. All of Callie and her litters medications, neuter/spaying were up to date, and the entire process was very coordinated. She has settled in so nicely with our other 2 girls and they are best of friends. We had her DNA blood work done and as it turns out she is predominantly Akita, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Lhasa Apso. What a mix!!! Thanks JR’s for running a top notch operation, and helping us to give Poppy her forever home.