We adopted Barneby (the name he came with…was cute so we kept it). He was rescued in AL and spent a week with his foster mom in Milwaukee. He is a poodle-yorkie mix we think. We hadn’t really inteded to get a yorkie because they are not usually great with kids and we have three. When we walked in to the house to meet him he was friendly and went right up to one of our children and put his head down on her leg…he chose her. We were getting the pet for her (and me) because she has been asking for years and promised to care for it.

We brought him home and he made himself right at home. He loves his yard and has made friends with all the neighbor dogs. Though we were told he was found along a highway he arrived housebroken and knew to try to sleep in our bed! He became a bit territorial after a few weeks so we brought in a trainer and got some pointers on fixing this behavior. He has totally come around as he settles in and has become the MOST wonderful pet (and the 4th child). He’s gentle and kind with the kids, doesn’t beg, though he loves cheese sticks and is always willing to share one, has turned out to be a fantastic runner (he wakes me at 5:30am every day for our 4 mile run) and has ultimately helped me lose 20 pounds and get healthier! We wish he would leave the poor squirrels and bunnies alone but otherwise is an amazing, animated and wonderful fur baby :) We couldn’t be luckier. Thanks for all you do!