This is Paisley, Paisley Bear as we so lovingly call her. She is the love of our life and a great sister to our lab Freya. Its hard to get a good picture of her, she never stops moving! From what I hear, a lot of you followed her story and she has been healthy as an ox since we have had her..she did get a bit of mange back but she fought it like a champ! When we first got her she wasn’t really a runner, in fact she fell a lot, she just watched Freya run around for hours..but after a few short weeks of exercise and good food and lots of playing Freya soon had a running buddy. Paisley loves to be outside running around and chasing a ball and her sister. She loves to roll in icky stuff *sigh* but I still laugh when she does it. She graduated from Puppy Class at the top of her class and her best friend there was a Newfoundland named Neko. She is my little lover and cuddle buddy. I could talk about her for hours. She is amazing and I thank JRs for saving her from the south and bringing her up here for a chance at a good life. Which she has…she is spoiled rotten. We will be throwing her a 1 year birthday party at the Zoom Room soon which is something we cant wait to celebrate!

For those of you that don’t know, Paisley came to JR’s with Rickets, which is a severe nutritional deficiency that left her with deformed front legs and an emaciated body. She was in rough shape, to say the least. But with good food, supplements, and love from her foster mom, Paisley was able to recover! And now look at the great life she has!