When we first came to JRs, my husband and I had a list of three dogs we wanted to meet. However, when we met the first one, we were really disappointed. He wasn’t the dog for us. On the heels of this, instead of waiting for our next visit I begged my husband to go to the Waukesha Petco event with me to just “look at the puppies.” When we got there, there were so many beautiful dogs I just wanted to pet them all. But one little munchkin stood out. Bear (fka Sven) was a muscular puppy with the most soulful eyes I had ever seen. He was getting over mange but I could care less. The minute I held him, I looked at my husband with a small tear in my eye and said “Please?”

We immediately went into Petco and bought him everything he needed (including a stuffed Wookie that he sleeps with every night), but again we had to wait for the home visit. I was so scared for him and our roommate’s dog to meet (as well as other potential adopters). But it turns out they were immediately best friends and we were the only ones to set up a visit! Because of his manage, Miss Lisa had to keep him for a while, but he’s been with us since June 7th 2015 and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. He’s playful, cuddly, and protective. He takes to kids like he’s their dad and filled a giant hole in our heart.

We couldn’t speak enough kind words about JRs. And are planning on moving into our own house in a few months and again plan to grow our family with JRs.