I was at a JR fundraising event when I met Tara. While I loved all the dogs there, I really was not looking to add another into my current mix of a special needs Carin Terrier and two cats. However I gravitated towards her despite not really liking the breed to be quite honest! I loved how she was so friendly with all the dogs and especially the kids. She didn’t care what they did to her, she just wanted to play! I told my boyfriend about her, about how I felt she was the perfect dog but he said not right now. Well a few short months went by and I could not get her out of my head, checking the website constantly to see if she had gotten placed in a home. One day I decided to message her foster and before I knew it I was filling out an application and she was meeting my other animals. We brought Tara home on May 30, 2015 and could not be happier. Her tail is always wagging and she loves to cuddle as much as she loves to play. She truly brings a little something extra to our lives and aways keeps us smiling. I am glad I listed to the little voice in my head and decided she was the dog for our family.