Our story is a lesson in thinking you know the type of dog you think will mesh the best with you and your pack (furry and otherwise). I originally wanted to rescue a senior dog but after looking into one particular dog, realized she wouldn’t have been a good fit with our other two dogs. We continued the adoption process anyway knowing that JRs was going to have an adoption event in Racine Petco and we would be meeting two dogs that I had spoken to their fosters about.

Upon entering Petco I was greeted by a little black and white girl and her sister. She came up to me as long as her lead would allow and put her front paws on my jeans. I love all dogs and greeted her back thinking, well you’re a little sweetheart but where are the two I REALLY came to see. I met one of the two dogs and didn’t feel an instant connection. I knew that no matter what I would feel that emotion and just “know”. My husband and I continued to walk around and ended up in the back penned area of dogs. I took one look at him and said, “Should I get in there instead of just watch?”. He said, “Honey we are here for you to find your pup, do whatever you feel you need to do.”

That’s exactly what I did. Little did I know, little miss from the entrance of Petco was in the pen and made a beeline to my lap, curled up, kissed me and fell asleep. It literally took seconds. That is how Gracie picked me. I never for a minute had a say about anything…she let me know I was her person and I certainly couldn’t argue with that adorable face. It’s a feeling unlike anything I have ever experienced. I also instantly knew her name…Grace…he handled the entire chaotic puppy frenzy at Petco with such Grace…there was no other name for her.

Her capacity to love amazes us still every day. Her gotcha day is November 25…it will be one wonderful year with her. We are looking forward to many more.