It was Spring of 2014 and my precious Black Lab had been an “only child” for three years since the loss of my loving Great Dane/Black Lab mix in 2011. We enjoyed countless adventures, all of which can be difficult with multiple dogs in tow. How I knew the time was right remains undetermined, but our household was definitely ready for four more paws. I would not spring a puppy on my beloved 12 year old senior. Besides, my full time work schedule would not be fair to a small house breaking bladder. After a long day, I couldn’t even imagine returning home to chewed up property and boundless puppy energy. So I searched the country for a 3-5 year old. During a ladies’ night at my house, a dear friend of mine found “Sterling” on my computer. Sterling was not the age or even breed I was searching for. She continued encouraging me to focus my attention on this guy, however. Sterling was being fostered by Jean with his friend and possible brother Ruger. Following a successful meet and greet with my Lab and a Milwaukee area Petco adoption event featuring JR’s, this goofy Black and Tan Coonhound once dumped roadside was part of my household. His name was now Timmy. All I can say is that this dog has an amazing temperament and he does everything with me, literally. First of all, he has rarely chewed anything and has had nearly zero “accidents.” Timmy is a welcomed guest among friends, family and in the community. He regularly runs my four mile route with me, both on and off trail (and leash). Timmy swims, kayaks and also naps very well. He is a regular at several area shops and restaurants. Timmy has brought countless smiles into a local hospice and continues to do so during frequent visits to an assisted living facility. I could not be more grateful to JR’s for all they do and for connecting me with this wonderful and special companion!