Wow, where do I begin? My husband and I had been casually looking at adopting a dog for a while. We’d visit our local humane society every few weeks and met a lot of great furry friends, but none of them seemed right for us.
We came across JR’s Pup-N-Stuff online and saw a lot of pups we wanted to meet. Once our application was approved, there were two or three dogs we requested visits with, one of which being Miss Madelyn Elizabeth, the adorable hairless boxer mix. (Madelyn had demodectic mange and she had very little hair at this time.) When we met her, we instantly knew she was our baby. Madelyn’s foster mom, Kelly, even said, “I think she’s picking you!” Madelyn was the first and the last dog we met through JR’s. A few weeks later once Madelyn was spayed, we brought her home with us.
Madelyn fits into our family perfectly. Madelyn love EVERYONE (people, kids, cats, dogs, etc.)! She loves to give kisses, snuggle under the blankets, and play with her friends at doggy daycare. She is the sweetest girl, who manages to make everyone fall in love with her.
Thanks to JR Pups-N-Stuff, especially Kelly who fostered Madelyn, along with our vet, Madelyn is now mange-free and a beautiful girl! Our life feels more complete now that Madelyn is a part of our family. Thank you!