Yes, I am so happy with Maggie! I adopted her from JR’s Pups-n-Stuff in October of 2014. At first she was so shy and quiet, I didn’t know she could bark. She saw her reflection in the dishwasher door and suddenly barked at it! She soon took over the job of guarding our place from intruders, barking at anyone who approached the door. It has been fun watching her turn into a real dog, charming her way into the hearts of all my family when they see her. She and I live in a senior independent living area and have a porch where we can greet and meet passers-by (where many stop to pet her). This is only since the end of winter as she came here from Alabama and was horrified at the snow and cold. I am hoping she adjusts a little to the cold this coming winter or we will be inside exclusively till spring.