I adopted EJ just over a year ago. I had recently lost a mini dachshund after a lengthy illness. It was time for a change, a new dog with lots of energy, and I found him! When I went to meet him he was jumping and bounding feet in the air. I thought, this is exactly what I need and I took him with me that day.

I wanted to rename him, and I picked Frankie, although I though I should keep EJ as part of his name. So his full name became Frankie Elton John.

He got a DNA test for Christmas last year which determined he was part Manchester Terrier, Saluki, Smooth Fox Terrier and several others. Frank loves to run around and can outrun just about anything. He is big buds with my partners dog Duke. He keeps him young. He is very playful but when he’s done for the night he flops right over.

Frank is a super funny little dog that makes me smile. I even got his name tattooed on my shoulder. Thank you for helping me find my buddy