This is Harvey AKA The White Shadow. He was adopted in February of 2013. He was found running in Oklahoma chasing cows. He was thought to be a wheaten terrier mix that was about 2 years old. After having him for a while, I had decided he was a lot younger (he just celebrated his 3rd birthday), had basset hound, golden retriever, and some sort of terrier in him, just can’t figure out what. When we first met I had decided not to take him, changed my mind the next day, and drove back out to get him. I’ll have to say he hasn’t been the easiest pup I have ever adopted because he came with a few ailments. Had a huge wart on his foot, which JR’s kindly took care of removing, had a peeing and pooping in the house issue and also brought with him a fungus that you can only get in the Gulf of Mexico, which he is still struggling with. He also has a BB lodged in his leg! Still with all this he has a happy attitude and a well demeanor, which is his saving grace. Harvey loves the water, camping, fetching anything you throw, sleeping in my bed, and of course all his canine, and feline brothers. He also has a fetish for rabbits and other rodents which is the terrier in him.

Harvey now is wart free, and potty trained! The BB will stay, but the fungus must go, unfortunately with surgery. He is one happy little dude which we all love and our lives wouldn’t be the same without him here…where he belongs. Thanks JR’s for the great adoption experience! Nice to get another one off the streets! I recommend you, all the time.