My husband and I had wanted a dog for over 10 years at the point when we built our home in 2011. When we decided to build, we kept in mind that we needed a lot of open space for our future Newfoundland. We applied to many breeders over two years and were turned down for one reason or another. I had given up and lost hope of ever getting the dog we wanted. Then, in the fall of 2013, I got the itch to start looking again and saw Nanook on Petfinder. He was listed as a lab/newfie puppy mix and SO adorable. I set to work on filling out the online forms and crossing my fingers that maybe a rescue would give us a chance. Within a week we had a reply and after another we scheduled a home visit. The visit went well and we were told that, while we may not get the puppy we wanted, we were approved for adoption. Yay! Finally!

I believe it was two days after the home visit when I received a call from JR’s with the information for Nanook’s foster mom. As soon as I arrived home, I gave her a call and found out that he was available, but that another family was also interested and they are adopted out on a first come, first serve basis if approved. I left work early the next day and we drove out to see Nanook and make a good impression with the foster mom, but I had already known that I was going to take him home even if I had to beg.

Darwin wasn’t the dog we originally had wanted. He’s definitely lab, but too small to be a Newfoundland, and that is ok. He’s a great companion and so full of love. One of the friendliest dogs I’ve known and chock full of personality. Everywhere we go, people fall in love with him. Darwin turned out to be just what we needed and every day I’m thankful to JR’s for giving us a chance. Without them we might still be on a waiting list. Darwin has been such a treat, and the perfect model of what a rescue dog can be. I recommend this organization to everyone I know who is thinking about getting a dog or a puppy.