We are not ‘small dog people.’ Or so we thought.

In May of 2019, I was volunteering at an intake, and this little senior dachshund mix was one of the last to go through, and he just stood there, wagging his tail at warp speeds the whole time. It was irresistible, and so he came to my home as a foster dog. Within a short time, he had burrowed his way into our hearts, and I knew I could not let him go. He and our other dog were also the most perfectly imperfect pair. And so, Baylin became Buddy, and was adopted at the age of 10 into our home. He has turned out to be a great road trip companion and foster brother to several more JRs dogs. Consider the old dogs, consider the ones that don’t necessarily fit your ‘type’ because you never know who could be waiting for your heart.