My fiance and I adopted Wendy a little over 6 months ago and we really hit the jackpot! Wendy was recovering from surgery and readjusting to life on 3 legs when we got her. Since then, Wendy has gotten so strong and fast, many people at the dog park don’t realize she’s keeping up with her other pals on just 3 legs. Wendy has been very patient and kind to our cats, sometimes they even stop by to snack on her kibble. Friendy Wendy’s love of kids has made her a neighborhood favorite. Wendy was originally from Alabama, but with her fluffy coat, she is living up Wisconsin winters and loves to play in the snow! We were so happy when we were able to include Wendy in our engagement photos, she’s really rounded out our little family. Thank you to JR’s and specifically Wendy’s foster family – Megan, Joe, and Eleanor- we know they saw her through her most challenging moments and we couldn’t imagine loving Wendy even more than we do.