We adopted Baby Girl, a beagle/boxer mix, in July of 2014. The morning after her adoption, before we even fed her breakfast, she jumped our fence and was gone for 2 1/2 days. We thought we would never see her again. Thanks to the help of JR’s Pups N Stuff and 24 Hour Pet Watch she was returned to us. She had an injured paw. She has fully recovered from these injuries and is very happy in her forever home. Her name is now Stella, after the movie “Streetcar named Desire”. STELLA is an easy name to call out.
We wanted a dog that would get along with our 14 year old bearded collie “Yogi”. Not only are they best buds, but Yogi actually has a new prance in his step and seems to be doing better than ever. Since my entire family are dog lovers, we always have dogs visiting our home. Stella is great with all the other dogs happy to share her yard, toys and even her bones. The other reason we wanted another dog was that since we lost our beagle “Bailey” the rabbits were taking over our yard, eating everything they desired while being protected by their friend Yogi. Stella has hunted all these rabbits and our yard is now rabbit free and my garden is doing great.
Stella loves that she has the run of yard, although we did have to put an electric fence around our real fence, as she saw a need to jump the fence and clear the whole neighborhood of rabbits. Stella has a doggie door and is able to let herself in and out of the house. We also have a lake home and Stella loves to run and swim there. Boat rides are her favorite past time.
Stella has become an important part of our family and we don’t know what we would do without her.