This is my first and only son, Sid. We also call him Sidmon… We adopted Sid from JRs in March of 2014 when he was only about 3 1/2 months old. He was found in Alabama and unfortunately he had a pretty bad break of his right front elbow which was casted down south and fixed as best as they could manage. I knew nothing about why it was broken, what or who did it and none of that mattered to me because when I saw Sidmon’s face on JRs Facebook page my heart lit up and I knew immediately that I was supposed to be his mommy. I had adopted from JRs 4 years prior with my parents and already knew them to be a wonderful rescue. When we met Sid he was very scared and barely came out to see us. With some patience and complete understanding he quickly became a momma’s boy. His injury in his right elbow will never be 100% “as good as new” due to the severity of the break but what’s important to know is he is an awesome Frisbee player and he doesn’t let ANYTHING stop him from having fun. JRs stepped in and gave my boy a chance by saving his life… For that I will always be grateful. They aren’t only a rescue, they are a community of animal lovers devoted to saving those in need and making happy families. I am proud to say I am now a home visit AND foster volunteer for them and loving every minute (and now Sid teaches other puppies not to be scared anymore!) Sid is loved more than I can explain and he will never know a bad day again for the rest of his life. Thank you, JRs Pups N Stuff, my heart is full because you brought Sid to me.