We lost our beloved Dodger who was our first foster dog (have fostered about 100) when he got hit by a truck.  We then adopted Storm and had him for 4 days and lost to Parvo.  As we usually foster puppies but now couldn’t for 6 months, so when the rescue called us and asked us to foster a Parvo survivor, I just wasn’t ready, but my family convinced me.  I went to pick up Polar – white lab mix) and she was cute, little nervous, but normal.  I brought her into the house and took off her leash she ran and jumped on the coach and look at me and my husband said she is home.  She sat on the coach acting like the queen of the house!!! I was like this is going to be interesting we are fostering a Primadonna dog.  She wasn’t, she was actually a great puppy, she learned fast and fit in well with our golden Buddy.  She had a few visits and I never felt anyone was right for her.  After a few months the kids convinced me to adopt her.  Now she is one of the best snuggly dogs I’ve ever had!  She is always by my side, lying next to me in the bed 🛌 or snuggling with one of the other dogs.  She always has a smile on her face and lives everyone she meets.  An angel always appears when you need one, and Polar was and still is ours.