Mukluk (now River) came into the rescue very scared and frightened. She had no trust in people and would hide in a corner in the living room. River came in very underweight and sickly and it was discovered that she had a bullet in her side. She still has difficulty eating hard treats and bones due to her jaw and in the beginning would hide her food from everyone not knowing when she would get her next meal. It took 2 1/2 months of love and patience to even allow River to let us pet her without her immediately cowering to the ground, she would leave puddles on the floor from being so anxious and she could not be crated due to her anxiety. After several months of training, some agility and continued patience River has blossomed into a sweet and loving girl. After almost a year she has finally discovered how to be a dog and eat a Kong like everyone else. Thanks JRs for saving her and for bringing her into my life!