We adopted our little girl this summer and could not be happier! Mitsy or Moo Moo (Macie at adoption) is the sweetest girl we have ever met. When we adopted her, we were not aware of her past and from her behaviors, the vet assumed that the first few months of her life were not happy ones. She was not house-trained and afraid of everyone and everything, she did not like walking on a leash and if a car drove past, she’d be ten feet in the air. If you met here today, you could not say she was the same dog. She is extremely intelligent, it took us a few short weeks and no accidents in the house, she even will come get you if she has to go outside. Though a little afraid of new people, she has opened her heart up to so many, excited to see their faces any chance she gets. We go on several walks a week and she now is a proud dog walking, instead of a timid little gal. She has so much love to give and shows us every morning with tons of kisses! We had a little gal, Ming, prior to adopting Mitsy and the two are best friends and play constantly. Though the beginnings of a new pet can sometimes be rough when you don’t know the past or are in training, it is amazing what reward you get for sticking by them and helping them work through it all. I can honestly say she knows we rescued her and that she has something amazing, but nothing less could be said on our end as well. We have an amazing dog and a fantastic addition to our family.

Thank you for everything you do!