I saw Leonard’s picture on the JRs pups and Stuff website. He was only 8 weeks old and had the most serious look on his face! Instant love. We applied and adopted him. Right from the start he has been the biggest, cuddly goofball. His love of playing and just being happy all the time makes every day so happy! I can’t be down when he’s around. He greets me with happy kisses, burrows his big head into my lap and always wants to “go with” wherever I go. They told us he’d be a medium size dog taking after his Sharpei mom.  Then we discovered he had some mastiff in him! He’s now 90 pounds of pure slobbering love. He lifts my mood, makes me feel so loved and watches out for me in a protective but playful way. Everyone who meets him loves him and he loves everyone he meets. With the possible exception of the neighbor’s cat! I don’t know what I would do without Leonard. He is the best and brightest part of every single day!