Dear Friends,
My new name is Shelby ( I was formerly Juliet when I lived with you in Alabama). I want to tell you a little bit about my story cause it’s pretty great.
I think I was born in Jasper, Alabama cause that’s where it says I came from. I’m sorry I don’t remember too much from my early doghood, it’s a bit of a blur. I was told that the family there was not all that friendly to me so some very nice people came over and took me to your place! I sort of remember not feeling too good at the time, I had the mange, heart worms and I don’t think I was fed properly. I’m pretty forgiving and just so glad you guys came to get me! So thank you if I didn’t already tell you that. I forget my manners sometimes.
I went from warm and balmy Alabama to Wisconsin the summer of 2019 and stayed with Lisa and her family. She’s my foster mom and will be my most special mom forever. She thought I was just super and took such good care of me until I could be adopted by a family, my “forever home” they kept saying. Lisa even took me swimming, that’s how great she is! Her whole family loves dogs and it was pretty cool at their house. I thought I could stay there but she had other dogs waiting for her help so they found me a nice family.
 I met Miss Laura and Mr. Jeff at a JR’s Pups N Stuff event in a pet store of all places! How weird is that right? I guess that’s how they do things up here in Wisconsin. I was a very shy girl at first, so I stuck to Lisa like glue. I did let them pet me, I mean I didn’t want to be rude; I am a southern girl after all. Then we did a home visit and it was a little better. They had another dog, Jack who was pretty much an old man. He let me be the boss of everything so I guess he was ok. When Lisa dropped me off at their house I was not happy…I missed her and I sat at the door a long time crying. Miss Laura started crying too cause she felt sad for me. Good Lord, we were all crying!
It got a LOT better from there. I learned how to walk across wood floors, up and down stairs, out in the 4 degree weather and I am so excited about everything! They say I’m very chatty, but I’m good with that. I have a lot to say! They have a big yard and 2 grown up boys who visit. I am not that sure of strangers so they needed to be warned when they came over (yes, I bark a little).  I was my new house and I just wanted to be clear. People can be so pushy sometimes! Now I love those boys and it’s so fun when they visit! They all think I’m the coolest girl around. I have very good manners; I know all my commands and I get treats for doing the easiest stuff! How silly, but I’ll take it. We walk everyday and I get to snuggle on the couch every single night. They keep saying how lucky they are to have me (and they’ve had SIX dogs!). I think I’m pretty lucky too.