After losing our rescued coonhound, Deidra, in March of 2015, we didn’t think we’d be ready to adopt another dog again for quite some time. However, we quickly realized that the best way to honor her memory would be to save another dog in need. We found Frannie on JR’s website in April and thought she sounded like a perfect fit. Since then, she has transitioned seamlessly into becoming a part of our family (not to mention that she and our other dog, Donkey, have become inseparable)! We are so grateful to the amazing work that JR’s does for homeless dogs throughout the country. The Facebook page in particular has been a great way to post updates on her progress as well as a way to watch the growth of her 10 (!) puppies that she had when she came into rescue. A HUGE thank you to Terri for fostering Fran and putting up with the shenanigans of her large litter! Frannie is one of the silliest, sweetest, and happiest dogs we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We can never thank you enough for saving her life and letting us take her home.