Below, is the first picture I ever saw of our Dexter. Little, scared, and a bit pathetic looking. My boyfriend and I had just begun fostering for JR’s and were looking at the list of dogs needing foster. I instantly wanted him, but then realized he was only 2-3 months old and tried to convince myself otherwise. Puppies are hard work and something we had always said we didn’t want. But I kept going back and looking at that picture. About a week later, Dexter (then Lawrence) had arrived to Wisconsin and still didn’t have a foster! I was at a Petco Adoption event with our current foster, and there he was, in a puppy pen, barking his little head off. And I just knew. He had to come home. I packed him up in a little kennel (the only available one that day was hot pink, he was very embarrassed) and carted him home. My boyfriend was quickly convinced as well, and we signed adoption paperwork as soon as we could. Now, just about one year later, we can’t imagine our lives without this spunky little terrier mix. He brings us so much laughter and joy. We’re so thankful to everyone from JR’s that helped save our furry child. We continue to foster and volunteer with the wonderful JR’s family of dedicated and loving individuals. And we will continue to spoil our Dexter with many trips to the dog park, bones, tennis balls, and love for the rest of his life.