Update on Charlotte, the deaf dog with vision impairment ! Nothing will hold her back! 10 months ago when my kids saw her at the Petco adoption event, it was love at first sight. We were not considering her in the beginning, because of her special needs and her age and we had plans to adopt a puppy, but she had that something special that made my kids fall for her. She was not as well mannered as we hoped for , she was stubborn and had some anxiety when left home alone, but with a bit of training and a few treats she just blossomed. This 7 yo girl is now trusting, calm and well behaved and turning heads wherever she goes with her pack. I want you to know that I was biased and afraid to consider her for adoption , although Terri, our JR’S Pups N Stuff counselor suggested her. The adoption events are held for a good reason !!! And we are so appreciative of all the hard work put into saving these furry kids ! Thank you JR’S Pups N Stuff! This pic is from Charlotte’s first boat trip! For sure she is up for more adventures!