My husband and I were searching for a puppy. We knew we wanted a black dog because, like black cats, no one seems to want them.
We also wanted a chow in the mix as that is another hard adoptable type. We had lost our doggie Sara in 2011 she was 13 ½ lab/chow mix rescue.
In 2013 we were ready! A petfinder search found Bama (chocolate lab from AL high kill shelter) and her nine ADORABLE beautiful puppies (1 brown & 8 black)! We had our home interview on a Saturday in Nov 2013 and Barb (foster mom) let us come over on Sunday morning (what quick turnaround). We were in LOVE!! We had questions Jean and Barb responded so quickly each time we had such a great experience. We ADOPTED Allie (Helena) and a few days later we also decided to adopt Rosie (Rosa). We brought the pups home December 2013. They are the BEST! Rosie at 8 weeks was house trained! (Thank you Barb) the foster mom was working with them and Allie followed a few weeks later no more training pads for potty time!
They LOVE to swim! They play together so well share toys, play silly chase games. We are getting ready for their 2nd birthday in October lots of new toys!! I am going to do a DNA test on one of them just for fun so if any of the parents of the other puppies want to know the results I should have them back in October.
We do wonder how Bama and the other puppies are doing. We are sure they are bringing as much happiness to their families as ours are to us!!