Our dog “Cooper”( his name was Harry) is doing really, really well! He is truly a great addition to our family.
We live by a little lake and he loves being outside! In the late spring he jumped into the water without realizing how cold it was, so it has taken him all summer to get back in beyond his feet.
We also have a toy poodle and a cat, and he always wants to play with them, but unfortunately he gets too rough and they just run and hide from him.
He does have a bigger dog friend so that helps.

For some reason he hates going in the car, so all of our walks have to be around home now that he is too big for me to lift him.

He’s a great dog, he has gone through his first level of obedience training, I am hoping to take him again this fall for the second level( although, I don’t know how I will get him in the car, as he probably weighs 70 pounds or more)
Thanks for doing what you guys do!