We were heartbroken after our first dog, Comet needed a new home. We spent several months watching the JR’s Facebook page and searching for our forever dog. Finally, our forever dog found us. We kept seeing posts about a very special dog named Thor. Thor’s litter was born from a stray in Alabama. He spend the beginning of his life living outside, so he was a little timid of new noises and places at first. But with the support of his foster family with Katelyn, Thor conquered his fears. He is one brave pup. Something kept bringing us back to Thor, so we finally requested to meet him. It was love at first sight, and Thor adopted us. We kept Thor’s name because he truly is a super hero. He has filled the puppy-size hole in our hearts and brought the kind of happiness only given by a dog back into our lives. He has the most gentle soul and spreads his super hero power of love wherever he goes. We are forever grateful to JR’s and all of the people who gave Thor a chance. Not only do we have our perfect, forever dog, but we also have made a close friendship with Thor’s foster parents. We love being a part of the JR’s family and hope to be able to give back to them in the future! As we like to say about Thor, “Who rescued who?”