Upcoming Events

Oak Creek Petco Event - March 4th

Saturday, March 4th
8551 S Howell Ave, Oak Creek
10am - 1pm

Come join us at Oak Creek Petco to meet some of our wonderful and adoptable dogs! Only approved adopters are able to adopt at this event, however, all others are welcome to meet the dogs, fill out applications to adopt or foster and talk to our helpful volunteers! We hope to see you there!

Dogs attending:

JR's Pups N Stuff Mutt Strut - April 1st

Saturday, April 1st
Rainbow Park
700 S. 119th Street, West Allis
8am-10am Packet pickup
9am Fun events!
10am Walk!

This is a family and pup-friendly event focused on raising funds for the rescue to continue their necessary facilities maintenance and constant veterinary costs. Sponsored by Mac's Pet Depot and Central Bark Menomonee Valley!

Packet pickup is between 8am and 10am. This will be a 2 mile walk, starting at 10am, but come early and join us for some fun! We will have a photo booth, food, vendors, and more!

Registration for the walk and more info can be found at: http://jrspupsnstuffmuttstrut.org/

Upcoming Petco Events

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The Daily Sniffer

Look Who Was Just Adopted!

This week, JRs Pups N Stuff celebrated 35 adoptions! What an amazing week! We've all gotten a taste of the beautiful spring weather that is coming and what could be better than enjoying that weather with your new furry friend? Apply today!

Congratulations to Buster, Geoffrey, Flower, Dug, Vodka, Hamster, Hippo, Taylor, Midnight & Sweetie, Esme, Alice, JoeJoe, Betty, Chicory, Fleur-de-Lis, Hobart, Bruiser, Ella, Mia, Hansel, Gretel, Chip, Kate, Lacy, Canon, Dunphy, Murphy, Rymer, Bass, Spirit, Rufus, Jack, Kaa, and Bama!

Look Who Was Just Adopted!

This week, JRs Pups N Stuff celebrated 18 adoptions! We're so happy that these pups get to enjoy the wonderful warm weather with their new families!

Congratulations to Rose, Rory, Daisy Mae, Cupid, Aspen, Levi, Bugger, Sadie, Cabury, Albury, Kettering, Howie, Bass, Jill, Mowgli, Raksha, Shere Khan, and Rembrandt the cat!

Look Who Was Just Adopted!

This week, JR's Pups N Stuff celebrated 22 adoptions! You can't complain about not having a Valentine, when we have all these amazing dogs and cats looking for homes! <3 <3 <3

Congratulations to Shelby, Gypsy, Jack-Jack, Reeses, Greta, Theodore, Jello, Todd, Scarlett, Duey, Hudson, Yukon, Columbia, Trouble, Wilma, Muffuletta, Arlo, Bullseye, Stormy, Snow, Lady, and Qwilleran the cat!

Look Who Was Just Adopted!

What has 131 legs, fur, and a big smile on their face? All the dogs that got forever homes this week! That's right, JR's Pups N Stuff celebrated 33 adoptions this week! Wait, 131, how does that work? Well, Henson the tripod was adopted, of course!

Congratulations to Sally, Andy, Lou Lou, Whiskey, Mr. Goodbar, Tiger, Giraffe, Simon, Aladdin, George, Prancer, Vixen, Sammy, Lady, Abel, Cinder, Henson, Nunavut, Scotia, Alberta, Checkers, Scrabble, Fred, Barney, Stark, Roxy & Rowdy, Bear, and Rain! And we can’t forget kitties Fluffy, Emmie, Nacho and Chimichanga!