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Shop With Scrip Inquiry/Registry


Where can I use the gift cards?

Gift cards you order from us are provided by participating brands, so use them like any other gift card at any of the brand’s participating locations and online stores. Before you purchase a gift card, on the brand’s page, you can get detailed information about how and where it can be used by selecting View Card Terms.

How will I get my gift cards?

Physical gift cards are shipped to JRs’ Shop with Scrip Coordinator.  You can pick them up on Thursdays at our West Allis location or at the Coordinator’s home in Richfield.  If you want us to mail them, we are happy to do that however, we cannot be responsible for lost cards.

Most eGift cards are delivered to your account within minutes.

Reloading a physical card via the RaiseRight app will allow you to use the funds in the wallet within minutes.

For some gift cards, when you order through the RaiseRight app, you can have them delivered directly to your home for an additional fee.

What methods of payment are accepted?

At this time JRs can only accept payments online.  You can setup a direct withdrawal from your checking account or you may pay using your debit and/or credit card.  We are unable to accept checks.

Can I return a gift card?

All sales are final.

Is there a cost to enroll?

There is no cost to enroll in the program.