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Announcement from the Director

Dear Adopters, Fosters, Supporters, Volunteers and Followers:

As the COVID-19 Pandemic impacts our country and the world, we are also taking steps to ensure safety. At this time, we have made some adjustments to our protocols to allow Home Visits to be done "virtually" (via Skype, Facetime, etc). We will still continue our rigorous process of vet checks, background checks and face to face meetings of dogs, however we will work with our approved adopters and foster homes to ensure the comfort and safety of all.

At this time, all adoption events through the end of March have been canceled.

Please do not think our fosters/volunteers who introduce dogs to you are rude when they do not shake your hand.

Please do not be surprised if you are offered gloves, or are asked to do meets outside.

There will be no Foster Orientation programs, Dog Walking orientations or other group gatherings until (at earliest) April 4th.

We will work to assist in keeping the community safe and not spread this virus, however we also have the animals who need care and forever homes. If you are an approved foster home and would like to pick up a new foster dog, please contact fosters@jrspupsnstuff.org.

The impact to the animal community, rescues and shelters is immense. We are unable to purchase our normal supplies of bleach, bleach tabs, paper towel, disinfectant cleaners, laundry detergents...even dog food! We use Kirkland as our base kibble and mix in the various foods that are donated. At this time we are limited to one bag of each type of Kirkland food per day. That will not feed 200 dogs! We are fortunate to still have the fabulous Stella and Chewy's which gives our dogs the amazing balance they need, but kibble is still needed.

If you are able to donate any cleaning supplies or dog food, it is greatly appreciated. Please contact info@jrspupsnstuff.org to arrange any donations.

We are receiving so many requests to surrender animals that people cannot care for any longer or cannot afford due to health or career situations, and are trying to do what we can. We will continue to do our best to save as many as we can during this time of crisis and chaos.

Please remember to be kind. If you have a neighbor who can't feed their dog, help them. It may keep that dog in their home. If you see a stranger in need, try to help where you can. We are all in this together.

We are grateful for the support of such an amazing community.

Thank you!

Jean Rhoten

4th Annual Mutt Strut

4th Annual Mutt Strut

Walk & 5K Fun Run

May 16, 2020

Minooka Park Picnic Area 3 (Waukesha)

Vendor fair, food, games, music, & fun! Visit www.jrspupsmuttstrut.org to register today!

The Daily Sniffer

Look Who Just Got Adopted!

This week, JRs Pups N Stuff celebrated 35 adoptions!

Congratulations to Sassy, Yeghwa, Fair Dinkum, Ripper, Amos, Norse, Smooshie, Milo, Jax, Sriracha, Cholula, Blair, Aislynn, Fergus, Duff, Darragh, Conan, Carlene, Laura, Levi, Griffin, Landon, Alt, Function, Page Up, Joly, Paliban, Eclipse, Syringa, Wilbury, Eugene, Coraline, Abott, Punky, and Daffodil!

PS. We'd like to remind all adopters, that though now IS a great time to add a new furry friend to the household and help them adjust, PLEASE think about the future. Thankfully, we won't always be in our homes and our furry friends may not be so understanding of that when we start to leave again. As much as you want to be around your new buddy 24/7, make sure you take a step back and simulate "real life" situations for them so that "back to work" time isn't so stressful (for them AND you!) This goes for both puppies and adult dogs.

Look Who Was Just Adopted!

This week, JRs Pups N Stuff celebrated 35 AWESOME adoptions!

Congratulations to Chumba, CC & Hillary, Liam, Captain Ahab, Brainy Smurf, Eeny, Fauna, Adee, Squishee, Bruno, Lola, Emily Rose, Orejas, Oriecchie, Uszy, Ohren, Masikio, Orielles, Danson, Guttenberg, Bono, Ronan, Hattie, Fergie, Luke, Pebbles, Bella Blue, ChooChoo Charlie, Lacie, Tab, Declaration, Grevy, Orbinson, and Beatrice!

Looks Who Was Just Adopted!

This week, JRs Pups N Stuff celebrated 19 adoptions!

Congratulations to Jackie, Little Debbie, Nevaria, Chockers, Ash, Stella, Bristol, Guinness, Patton, Selleck, Bree, Edith Anne, Ozzy, Atlas, Control, Shift, Spaeth, Dhani, and Jackie! (Yes, two Jackies!)

Look Who Was Just Adopted!

This week, JRs Pups N Stuff celebrated 21 adoptions!

Congratulations to Buster, James Dean, Jophiel, Thin Lizzy, Martini, Bruner, Weeble, Wobble, Queen of Hearts, Kylo Ren, Miney, Shino, Jack, Rigby, Bonus, Reddington, Moggie, Nika, Claren, Kai, and Sirulais!

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